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The Agenda is a tool that rethinks sustainable development at social, economic and environmental levels. If there is no gender equality and empowerment of women, there cannot be sustainable development. To pigeonhole the work of gender and tourism solely in the tourism-related SDGs 8. It is well-known that tourism has an impact beyond job creation, particularly in terms of environmental, social and political effects generated.

Gender Equality in Tourism

Furthermore, employment analysis gives rise to a chain of multiple variables related to the economy, poverty, politics and social health, which has different effects on men and women, that has to be taken into account, if tourism wants to contribute to the achievement of Goal 5 on gender equality. This Agenda gave shape to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs in which gender equality and empowerment of women is a main issue for the next 15 years. In other words, a gender analysis should not solely be limited to Goal 5, as this would only weaken gender mainstreaming in the rest of the SDGs.

It is not an extra. On the contrary, it is integral to the initiation, the planning, the execution and the monitoring and assessment of every activity, project or programme about tourism or related to it. Political willingness and a reappraisal of economic, social and environmental development priorities are indispensable so that the cross-cutting gender perspective is correctly channelled.

These are facts, not only words.

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In this sense, the Agenda produces a transformation in the development perspective, making it more humane since the SDGs in part were created because it was recognized that fostering social development is not the same as sustainable human development. Some data about women in tourism According to the International Labour Organization ILO , the participation of women in the hotel and restaurant service industry is approximately This percentage is To some extent, tourism is shaped by female work. Women are understood from a quantitative rather than a qualitative point of view.

Furthermore, employment analysis gives rise to a chain of multiple variables related to the economy, poverty, politics and social health. The organisation Equality in Tourism was created in with the aim of incorporating gender dimensions into tourism development. They make up almost half of the formal sector, yet they are far more likely than men to be found in lower-paid, unskilled jobs. They also tend to work exclusively with women.

Such gender segregation affects pay, access to training and, hence, to better paid work. Few women are in management jobs, either in the public or private sector. Where women are excluded from fair inclusion in both the formal and informal sectors, they and their societies suffer.

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The major challenge is to increase the development of tourism from a gender perspective. It is often believed that gender analysis involves counting men and women without considering the differences between them. Working in tourism from a gender perspective entails the use of a gender analysis — critical to improving the sustainable development of tourism in itself. No sustainability for tourism without gender equality.

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    Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

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    Gender, Work and Tourism – Critical Tourism

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    Towards gender equality in tourism projects

    Tourism and prostitution in Japan. Comparative perspectives. Gender, Work and Tourism M. Issues and theories of gender and work in tourism. Gender roles.