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There was a time, not so long ago, when everything in life seemed pretty simple. You had great friends, you got along with your parents (most of the time!).
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North Sacramento-Hagginwood Teen Area. Place Hold. Date Publisher Phys Desc. Language Availability c Zondervan ; p. English On Shelf. More Info Place Hold. There are many ways for your young adult to get to their desired goal—all the different paths may surprise them! Talk about expectations versus realities. Some young adults may find that they differ quite a bit. Or, they may land their first job and feel discouraged that it is not something they really care about.

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  • Careers take time to build. Talk with them about the steps required to get to certain levels in any field. Tell them that they will have to do tasks and jobs that they may not want to do in order to gain experience and knowledge. Ask where purpose can come from in their life outside of the job they are currently doing. The key is self-reflection every step of the way and thinking about these steps as part of a bigger picture.

    Sometimes, you may feel that your kid has never listened to anything you said. But they are picking up and reflecting on what you say more than you may think. Here are some questions you can ask to get your young adult reflecting on purpose:. I can see that X is really important to you.

    What do you like about it?

    China has a growing “lost generation” of migrant children

    What are you doing when you do X? How do you see these interests and skills intersecting with a career? How do you want to contribute to the world? In what area do you want to make a difference? What do you think they did to get to that point and excel at it? How is what they do meaningful to them?

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    How does where you come from impact where you want to go in the future? What experiences in your life led you to your decisions to pursue certain subjects or career interests? How do you think this might affect your future hopes and goals? Self-reflection is a huge part of any path they may take. Malin says purpose and identity are linked. Relate what is happening in the real world back to purpose with your young adult. These connections can get them thinking about how they might apply what they are interested in to what is going on in the world.

    How could this affect agriculture? Parents can have these conversations in terms of current issues. Sometimes asking the right question leads you closer to the answer. If your kid is having a hard time figuring out what they want to do or how they can get there, encourage them to ask themselves the kind of questions they would like to be able to answer.

    Sometimes flipping your frame of reference can be a big help. What am I doing with my life? Why am I unique? Jackson says you could also frame this as having your young adult be the interviewer so they can find the right questions to ask. Or what would want to know?

    Really listen to your young adult as they explore their purpose.